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Laser shoot

A thrilling game that rewards team work and strategic insight.

ATTENTION: if you want to play lasertag during the opening hours of the playground you have to purchase a ticket for the playground as well.



Conquer terrain in a maze of corridors, obstacles, light effects and smoke.

Option: Laser Shoot XL

In the evening, the arena can be extended using three secret passageways to the dragon cage. We call this option the "extra large" or XL.

Weapon and scoring

Our advanced laser guns have visible laser beams and smart sensors to register shots from all directions. Your can consult your score at any time using the display on your gun.


For young and old!

(Recommended is minimal 8 years old, there is no refund if they go in but come out earlier and feel scared by the darkness).

It is intended as a "cool" game so it is not suitable for todlers or very young children although sometimes families with kids of 5 years old come and play it.....

Want to go laser shooting?

  Choose one of our formulas:


   Lasergames with birthday party bundles:


    LASERGAME XL in the EVENINGS and on WEEKDAYS (no playground)



   COMBINATIONS OF PLAYGROUND AND LASERGAME (you save about 5€ per person by booking these combo or tripple deals)

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Our birthday packages are highly appreciated by our clients because they have unlimited food & drinks and all you need.

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