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Monthly Membership

How about a monthly paid membership?

Please visit us during opening hours in the morning or in the late afternoon (after 5pm) to take your kids picture and print a playpass for your kid (15 minutes). Or to save time: reserve your date for pick up of the passes in the calendar below and send a recent picture per mail (team@legenturia.com)


Legenturia offers an interesting monthly Legenturia Play Pass


Interested? Well it gets better, since recently you can do all the administration yourself and win lots of time.

Just click in the calendar below and pick a date when you want to pick up the card(s).

Then you get a link to fill in the forms for the membership pas at home on your computer, 

secondly you email us a recent picture of your child on team@legenturia.com

When you come in you pay the 20€ for the passes and you are good to go. Easy, not?



Note: the 20€ for the first month is regardless of the number of remaining days of that month, because it is too complicated for us to take into account how many days remain in that month.

Here is our calendar, make a free appointment when you want to pick the membership passes up. Wednesday afternoons are quitest :-)

Just click on any date and choose CHECK DATE





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