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Our four bowling lanes of 14 meter (not the official standard of 21 meters) are especially nice in the evening because of the LED and blacklights.

If you want to play bowling with your family during the opening hours of the playground you have to purchase a ticket for the playground as well.

We offer a combo ticket for children of 15€ instead of 5,95€ (bowling) + 11€ playground so you save 2€. Parents are 5,95€ bowling +3€ playground. Please consult the operating hours of the playground here.

Enjoy a game of bowling on one of our four lanes.

It is a short 17m LOUNGE type of bowling. At night the bowling is lit up with LED lights and blacklights.

Feel like bowling?

Choose one of our formulas:

Birthday parties : please first study these bundles, they help you save money since unlimited food and drinks is included !









Birthday Party?


Please DO consider our packages via the link below, we repeat that these are the best formulas for your need. 


We try to inform our customers that at the end of the day such a party bundle saves money and you know exactly how much you'll be spending since everything is included (unlimited food & drinks, even the crisps and popcorn is included). No surprises. Click below.